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Dept. Inglés

Writing Competition



Write a comic strip or photo story

and win a great prize!

The story can be about Guy Fawkes or any other villain or heroe, like Robin Hood or similar.

You can draw an original comic strip, modify an existing one or use photos for a photo story.

Hand it in to your teacher (deadline: 27th November), who will expose it in the corridor and your fellow students will vote for the best story (from 1st to 17th December).

There will be one prize for each level.

The prizes will be awarded on the 22nd of December.


Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606) was a member of a group of Roman Catholic revolutionaries from England who planned to carry out the Gunpowder Plot. Fawkes and the other plotters planned to kill the king, James I, and replace him with a Catholic monarch.

5 November 1605 is remembered each year in England, during Guy Fawkes Night. People build large bonfires, light fireworks, and burn figures of Fawkes (known as 'the guy').

November 5 was the date when Parliament re-assembled after a long recess. The plot was uncovered quite late, in the night before the day of the 5th. Fawkes was arrested as he sat in a cellar, near the gunpowder, waiting for the right time to set it off. He was tortured to make him reveal the names of the other plotters. Later eight men, including Fawkes, stood trial for high treason. They were found guilty and executed in Westminster, London. Their remains were sent to the corners of the kingdom and displayed, as a warning to others. There were five other conspirators; the main man, Robert Catesby, was killed by the Sheriff of Worcester when he tried to flee.

Programación Curso 2014-2015

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